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Section 4 Was A Really Happenin' Place
Especially In the Mid-Seventies


Before that, Sections 1 and 3 were the big hangouts.
In fact, Section 1 became the big hangout AGAIN
in the later 70's, with lots of folks hanging around
buildings 6,7, and 8, and the circle between bldgs. 2 and 5.



Hi, My name is Frank. I moved into building 24 in May, 1971, even as the
finishing touches were being put on the last of the apartments.

I was the resident nerd/nebbish of Co-op City.Don't let the hoodster
clothing throw you for one second. This clothing was more for my
singer-guy image. The fact is, I was deathly afraid of girls until the age
of 21 or so, well after I was married and had my first born.

Even after that, I was very self-conscious around ANY gal. If I came
across as suave or cool at ANY time, it was purely by accident.

By the time I was comfortable in my own skin, I was a grandfather.

Although I lived in building 24, I seldom hung out there, hanging out instead,
in section 1, mostly around Center 1 or building 10. Around 1973, I began to
hang out around section 3, where the crowds would literally FILL UP the entire
basketball courts AND handball courts areas.

Still, there were some really great people who live in section 4, including, but not
limited to: Jack and Susan B.; Susan and Alice B.; The Doris' of bldg 23; Jody, 
Joe L., Stephanie N., Mickey, Alana, Maria and Mike, Joe Davis, and many, many



Copyright 1972-2005 Frank Sinclair & Associates
and Marty K. Ross, Photographer

Here is a shot of me, Frank Sinclair,
A.K.A. Cowboy circa 1972, on Lydig Avenue,
just before coming to do a gig with his band,
Cathedral, in Co-op City.



Copyright 1976-2005  Squidking

Here's a shot by Squidking of me, working at the time for Security, 
and Howie Nelson, taken around 1976, at a Greenway concert.


Copyright 1971-2005 Frank Sinclair & Associates

Here is a shot of me, with my rock band at Cardinal Hayes
H.S. The name of the band - a bunch of conservative lads?
The Silent Majority

I never entered the Pre-Med Program at Cornell
as I was supposed to do. I was too busy discovering
life and it's interesting, if distracting, foibles instead.

Indeed, I joined the Co-op City security force in April, 1974
and ultimately joined the N.Y.P.D. in September, 1980, where
I remained until 1988.


After marrying two times and living in the Bronx,
 then Long Island, I moved to Scottsdale, AZ
and met and settled in with wife #3, and have 3 children 
of my own, and I married into 4 darling daughters.

I continues to play with retirement, taking the
occasional job, or running a business (right now used car dealer), 
or just moping around, waiting for all the kids to finish college and get
situated (there are 5 in college at THIS time - Feb., 2006).
Once they're done, my wife and I plan to move to our
property in Northern Arizona, intending to raise dogs, Alpacas,
and enjoying the clean, fresh air.



Another Section 4 Pal is Alan B., 
formerly of Building 25

Alan grew up just outside Co-op City and lived in
building 25 for a time. He was also one of the very
first people I met in Co-op City when I moved in.

Al comes from a very prestigious American family,
which includes his uncle Aaron B., who worked on the
Manhattan Project with Dr. Teller, Einstein and the rest.
Additionally, his brother, David, is a medical doctor. His
sister, Mimi, is a College professor. His cousin Albert B.,
is the ONLY lawyer who successfully defended Lenny Bruce
at the celebrated San Francisco Co*k Su*ker trial, where
Bruce was acquitted of obscenity charges for uttering the words
on stage during his stand-up comedy routine. Albert, also
went on to meet the Hollywood elite, and ended up making
lots of famous movies, including: One Flew Over The Cuckoo's
Nest, Amadeus, and more recently, The English Patient.

These days, Alan is a corporate Controller for a large non-profit
organization in N.Y.C., and lives in beautiful Westchester County.
His folks still live in their original house just outside of Co-op City.
Alan has 2 kids and lovely wife, and is living the American Dream!


Courtesy Cagney & Lacey and Alan B.

Courtesy Cagney & Lacey and Alan B


Courtesy 1984-2006 Frank Sinclair & Associates

Here's a shot of Alan B., also known as Hollywood Al, at the
baptism of my son, Ian, in April, 1984.











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