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In this section you'll find stuff that MAY or MAY NOT be related to
Co-op City Trivia & Weirdness, although there will be plenty of
that as well as time goes by. I'll try to change the content
within reasonable periods of time.





Wacky Videos From 
Around The World
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To See These hilarious mini-videos!


Funny Way To Play Piano
Rated G


Special Delivery


Police Assistance Call


And Now, Girl Scout Cookies Like
You've Never Seen Before
Courtesy: The Man Show - Comedy Central


Yo, Who Say White Boys
Cain't Dance, En Sit!
New 05-17-2004



Good Dog!
New 05-17-2004



Dewalt Drills - Guaranteed Tough
New 05-17-2004


Check Out My Pal's Dog, Tyson
Actually Riding A Skateboard!

Watch A Chopper Just Miss
The Aircraft Carrier

Ladies And Gentlemen,
It's Good To Be Hung: 
William Hung


Click Here To See The Official
William Hung Website!

Click Here To See A Spoof Of His
Actual American Idol Audition


When The Kid Doesn't 
Get His Candy


Japanese Baby


Duck Hunter


Driver's Ed!


Dodge Commercial


A Chimp In The Bar
Courtesy and Copyright Comedy Central


Cubicle Hurdles


Sheperd Smith's
Boo Boo On The Air On 
Fox News - Nov.,2002

Courtesy and Copyright Fox News Channel




These Just In.......

Sound Files:


Voice Mail At A Police Station
Of The Future, Probably In N.Y.C.
New 04/18/2004 PM


Listen To This LIVE Call To A 
Radio Station In Australia


National Lampoon Classic:


Love In The Oval Orifice


Jack In The Box
In A Whole New Light!


Candidate Kerry's Resume












Ay Chihuahua!




We ALL Knew Someone Like This
In Co-op City!




Wet T-Shirt
This Ain't No Contest Either!




Break Dancing For The Pope

The Pope said:
"Artistic Talent Is A
Gift From God."






I Have A Scream X 3!

Click Links Below To Hear
Howard Dean's Scream
In Several Incarnations:

Welcome To The Jungle Howard Dean Mix

Viral Solstice Howard Dean Punk Mix

Howard Dean Funk Remix Jonathan Barlow






If Rednecks Ran the Country

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